NFL Draft: How Soon Will White Go?

As every dedicated football fan will know, the NFL draft begins tonight, and Mountaineer Nation is on the edge of its seat. Kevin White, West Virginia football’s star wide receiver that graduated last year, is being predicted as an early, Round 1 draft pick. What people can’t seem to agree on is where he’ll go!

Kevin White Draft 3White’s Mountaineer Career

White, son of Kevin and Tammy White, transferred to WVU as a Junior in 2013 from Lackawanna College. White saw action in his first season at WVU – 2013 season – where he played in eleven games, with a starting position in nine of those. White topped off his first year in a Mountaineer jersey with 35 receptions totaling 507 yards. White added five touchdowns to the 2013 season, including a long catch of 43 yards.

In the following year, White came back much improved, and more knowledgeable on WVU football. He recorded an additional 109 receptions – adding up to 1,447 yard to become another of Head Coach Dana Holgorsen’s 1,000 yard receiver club. White capped his year’s performance with 10 Mountaineer receiving touchdowns on the season.

Kevin White DraftWhite’s NFL Combine Stats

White’s Mountaineer career, though impressive, was not the only factor that contributed to his high expectations in the draft. White gave an impressive performance at the NFL Combine this year, with a grade of 6.95 going into tonight’s draft. What exactly does that mean? A quick break down of any player who has a chance of making it onto an NFL team is:

  • 00 – 50-50 chance of making an NFL team
  • 01-5.19 – better-than-average
  • 20-5.49 – Drafted as a backup, or as a special teams potential
  • 50-5.99 – Chance to be an NFL starter
  • 00-6.49 – instant starter
  • 50-6.99 – Chance to be a Pro-Bowl caliber player
  • 00-7.49 – Pro-Bowl caliber
  • 50-7.99 – Future All-Pro
  • 00-8.99 – Perennial All-Pro
  • 00-10 – Once in a lifetime

White is one of four Wide Receivers in this year’s draft to rank above a 6.0 grade. Overall, White is ranked 3rd – just behind rival Amari Cooper from Alabama – in the overall Best Available Prospects list. What exactly does White have to say about his play compared to Cooper’s?

White claims he’s a little behind Cooper as far as developmentally – due to his start at the junior-college level. Despite the slight disadvantage, White was confident when he said, “Amari Cooper is a great receiver, a great competitor, but I think I bring more to the table.”

2015 NFL Scouting CombineWho’s looking in the Draft?

Looking at the Round line-up in the draft, there are some teams looking to capitalize in the Wide Receiver position, but who needs it more?

The Buccaneers have the first pick in round one of the 2015 draft, and are looking for a wide receiver to add to their line-up. However, the Quarterback position seems to be a little more pressing, along with Head Coach Lovie Smith’s need to build-up their defense.

The Oakland Raiders are in desperate need of anything, and obtaining a wide receiver that can help motivate the team and fill some holes in the offense is of top priority. As of now, the Raiders seem to be the team that’s going for a quality Wide Receiver right out of the gate. Will they pick Cooper? An athlete that is extremely talented, but may not have the potential to reach any higher? Or will the Raiders select White, an athlete who had a late start, and still could use development, but is a superb athlete all-around?

The Jets are also in the market for a wide receiver, and an overall upgrade to the offensive line. However, the team could be examining quarterback’s closely in the first round.

The Bears are looking for a replacement at wide receiver for Brandon Marshall. The Rams – again – are looking for a wide receiver. The Browns, though not feeling too much pressure on the matter, are looking for a wide receiver at the 12th pick of the first round.

Most predict that White will be drafted early, within the first 12 picks of the first round. Regardless of where he goes, it’s sure that West Virginia will be cheering him on next season as he makes his NFL debut.

Where do you think White will end up?

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