Mountaineer football game

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Host A Mountaineer Game Night!

Thinking about spending the weekend watching the game with your family and friends and supporting your home team? The best part of hosting a game night is that it’s as easy as watching it! A lot of the routine you go through when watching a game can easily be applied with a few additions to ensure a pleasant and fun night with your family and friends.


If you’re inviting your family or friends over, remember to send out an invite of the time they should arrive because we all have that friend who’s either too early to an event or always “fashionably-late”. Timing is very important especially when you have to set-up to make sure your guests arrive to a comfortable setting. While you’re setting up, don’t forget to throw on some West Virginia logo attire to be fully immersed in supporting the team!

Facebook is a great tool for letting your friends know about your event, simply create an events page and invite away!


It’s okay if you don’t have throw pillows to add onto your sofa or couch, just make sure you have enough space around the TV for everyone to gather around for the main event. Depending on the comfort of your guests, feel free to throw a few pillows on the ground for them to sprawl out on. Keep in mind that your guests will be snacking and drinking during the game, so gather around as many coffee tables, end tables, or anything where your guests can set their plates and drinks. Better yet, remember to fill your bowls with game snacks and place them near the game watching area to encourage your guests to fill their stomachs while cheering on the team. If you have some West Viriginia logo decorations, this is the best time to take them out and show off some team spirit! If you’re feeling creative and want to decorate the house in football theme, take a look at this Super Bowl party décor for inspiration.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks is easily the most important part of hosting game night. Once you figure out how many people you’ll be having, then you can appropriately decide the snacks and drinks to provide. Beer is always a good choice with a football game, but feel free to switch it up to anything from wine to cocktails depending on your guests’ preferences. Encourage your guests to bring their own drinks as well!

You can’t watch a game empty handed, so remember to stock up on finger foods ranging from chips to pretzels to vegetable dips as the healthier alternative. Go easy on trying to show off your culinary skills for a game night and stick with things that are easy to eat with your hands, making it easier to root for your team when they score.

Take a look at some of these football inspired snacks from savory to sweet that are easy to make and will definitely amaze your guests.


The best part about hosting a game night is that you and your family and friends can make your own games to go along with watching it! Hype up the mood by guessing the score, add in a drinking element to the game, and raise the stakes by coming up with a prize for the winner! Football bingo is always a crowd pleaser and you can download an already made grid here or make your own. Check out this list for more games you could play even during commercial break!

The fun is infinite and you can go wild with the cheering at your own comfort.

Send off

When the game is over, some guests may end up staying longer than expected. Don’t be afraid to let them know when the night is over and you’re ready to retire to bed. If you’re happy with hosting game night again, let them know, decide if you want to start rotating hosts for each game and plan ahead!

Of course, we can’t forget that the most important part of hosting game night is to have fun! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve hosted a game night and what your suggestions are, we’d love to hear your stories on how you rooted for our West Virginia team!