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Plan your Spring Break Trip Now!

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Everyone tells you Spring Break gives you the best memories you’ll ever have, but your bank account tells you…well, let’s be honest, it’s probably laughing at you right now. So what do you do? Spring-breaking on a budget isn’t always easy, but here are some popular (and affordable) destinations.

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Known for its outrageous night life, beautiful beaches, and breath-taking adventures,         Cancun is the picturesque spring break for a college student. According to  , hotel price ranges are pretty amazing too. For 4 nights you can stay in a     Quad for only $340! Click here for more info on Spring Break in Cancun.

Panama City Beach

Want to go on an epic Spring Break, but it’s too time consuming and expensive to get a passport? Panama City Beach can offer you everything that an out-of-country trip would while still keeping closer to home! Stay at the Holiday Inn hotel, right in the middle of all the action at just $409 for 6 people! The hotel does charge a $25 resort fee, but all the money you’ll be saving on transportation expenses is worth it. Flights are expensive, but save some money by packing lightly and only bringing a carry on with a few, mix-and-match outfits for the week. Click here for more info on Panama City Spring Break.


Daytona has been a popular Spring Break destination for years despite the city trying to    “clean-up” and become more of a family vacation destination. Try to find a hotel        somewhere in-between the beach and the racetracks because the ever growing           population of NASCAR fans will have the hotels raising prices during a race, and the closer to the tracks your hotel is, the more money will be coming out of your pocket. Visit     here for more information about Daytona.

South Padre Island

This beach in Texas is enormous! If living on the beach for a week is your style, South Padre Island is the perfect destination to find a new “beach-spot” every day. Do you like partying without having to go to packed, expensive clubs? South Padre is famous for its beach parties thrown by other college students and locals during Spring Break. Click here to read more about South Padre Island!

Still haven’t made a decision about your Spring Break Plans? Go online and do some research to compare prices on hotels in the area and attractions to help decide what you can afford on a “broke-college-student” budget. Find a way to balance your check book while also making lasting memories of some of the best times of your life.