Actors You May Not Know Were WVU Alumni

Hollywood is a melting pot of diverse, talented people who find joy in entertaining others. What you may not know is that a number of well-known actors were once students at WVU. In addition to the school’s expansive list of professional athletes, we have an assortment of graduates who made a career in the entertainment industry. Check out these actors you may not know were WVU alumni.

Don Knotts

Don Knotts

Don Knotts is a five-time Emmy winner best known for his roles as Barney Fife in The Andy Griffith Show and Ralph Furley in Three’s Company. Knotts was born right here in Morgantown, West Virginia, and he graduated from Morgantown High School. He went into the military after graduation, but when he returned, he began attending WVU. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 1948 and moved to Hollywood soon after. He did not start his role as Barney Fife until 1960, but his quirky personality and comedic timing made him an unforgettable entertainer.

Cheryl Hines

© David_Shankbone

Cheryl Hines is a two-time Emmy nominee best known for her work as “Cheryl” on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. She has also been in movies like RV with Robin Williams and The Grand, which puts a comedic twist on the World Series of Poker. Ironically, Hines is an avid poker player who has won over $50,000 in tournaments and table play. She attended WVU before heading to Hollywood, but she did not graduate from here. Instead she earned her degree at the University of Central Florida.

Billy Mays

Billy Mays

Some people know Billy Mays from the Discovery Channel show PitchMen, but most know him for his work advertising As Seen on TV products. He was the face of several products that became popular in the early 2000’s, including OxiClean, Kaboom, and the Awesome Auger. During his two years here at WVU, he was a walk-on linebacker for the Mountaineer football team. Unfortunately, the salesman with the brilliant beard passed away in 2009 after an incident related to his heart disease.

Chris Sarandon

Chris Sarandon

You may not know Chris Sarandon’s face, but chances are you’ve heard his voice. He provides the ominous-yet-upbeat vocals for Jack Skellington in the Disney and Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with the reprisal of the character in the video game Kingdom Hearts. He also played the role of Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride, and he has been in many Broadway productions. He was born in Beckley, West Virginia, and he graduated from WVU with a bachelor’s degree in performing arts. He went on to earn his master’s in theater from The Catholic University of America, where he met his wife – the ever-famous Susan Sarandon. The couple split in 1979, but Susan continues to act using Chris’s last name.

Conchata Ferrell

Conchata Ferrell

“Hey Berta, want to see my armpit hair?” “Only if you wanna see mine…” Conchata Ferrell is mostly known for playing the sassy housekeeper Berta in CBS’s Two and a Half Men. She has been nominated for two primetime Emmy Awards for that role, in addition to the nomination she received for playing Susan Bloom on L.A. Law. She played some minor supporting roles in Edward Scissorhands, Erin Brockovich, Mr. Deeds, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, along with many other films and television shows. She was born in Charleston, WV and she attended West Virginia University, but she officially earned her social studies education degree from Marshall University.

Mountaineer football game

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Host A Mountaineer Game Night!

Thinking about spending the weekend watching the game with your family and friends and supporting your home team? The best part of hosting a game night is that it’s as easy as watching it! A lot of the routine you go through when watching a game can easily be applied with a few additions to ensure a pleasant and fun night with your family and friends.


If you’re inviting your family or friends over, remember to send out an invite of the time they should arrive because we all have that friend who’s either too early to an event or always “fashionably-late”. Timing is very important especially when you have to set-up to make sure your guests arrive to a comfortable setting. While you’re setting up, don’t forget to throw on some West Virginia logo attire to be fully immersed in supporting the team!

Facebook is a great tool for letting your friends know about your event, simply create an events page and invite away!


It’s okay if you don’t have throw pillows to add onto your sofa or couch, just make sure you have enough space around the TV for everyone to gather around for the main event. Depending on the comfort of your guests, feel free to throw a few pillows on the ground for them to sprawl out on. Keep in mind that your guests will be snacking and drinking during the game, so gather around as many coffee tables, end tables, or anything where your guests can set their plates and drinks. Better yet, remember to fill your bowls with game snacks and place them near the game watching area to encourage your guests to fill their stomachs while cheering on the team. If you have some West Viriginia logo decorations, this is the best time to take them out and show off some team spirit! If you’re feeling creative and want to decorate the house in football theme, take a look at this Super Bowl party décor for inspiration.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks is easily the most important part of hosting game night. Once you figure out how many people you’ll be having, then you can appropriately decide the snacks and drinks to provide. Beer is always a good choice with a football game, but feel free to switch it up to anything from wine to cocktails depending on your guests’ preferences. Encourage your guests to bring their own drinks as well!

You can’t watch a game empty handed, so remember to stock up on finger foods ranging from chips to pretzels to vegetable dips as the healthier alternative. Go easy on trying to show off your culinary skills for a game night and stick with things that are easy to eat with your hands, making it easier to root for your team when they score.

Take a look at some of these football inspired snacks from savory to sweet that are easy to make and will definitely amaze your guests.


The best part about hosting a game night is that you and your family and friends can make your own games to go along with watching it! Hype up the mood by guessing the score, add in a drinking element to the game, and raise the stakes by coming up with a prize for the winner! Football bingo is always a crowd pleaser and you can download an already made grid here or make your own. Check out this list for more games you could play even during commercial break!

The fun is infinite and you can go wild with the cheering at your own comfort.

Send off

When the game is over, some guests may end up staying longer than expected. Don’t be afraid to let them know when the night is over and you’re ready to retire to bed. If you’re happy with hosting game night again, let them know, decide if you want to start rotating hosts for each game and plan ahead!

Of course, we can’t forget that the most important part of hosting game night is to have fun! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve hosted a game night and what your suggestions are, we’d love to hear your stories on how you rooted for our West Virginia team!

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wvu football

WVU Football Closes Season with Win at Cactus Bowl

The Mountaineers defeat the Arizona State Wildcats 43 – 42

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 9 13 14 7 43
ASU 3 15 14 10 42


After a season of ups and downs, WVU football defied the odds and made it to the 2016 Cactus Bowl. With 2:19 left in the fourth quarter, Skyler Howard threw a 15-yard pass to David Sills to get the victory over Arizona State.

Howard’s arm was able to dominate most of the game, throwing against one of the worst pass defenses in college football. Of the 672-yards gained from WVU’s passing game, 532 of those yards came directly from Howard. His performance on Saturday allowed him to achieve the second-best passing yardage in the Mountaineer football program history, falling short of Geno Smith with 656-passing yards.

The Sun Devils were up for most of the game, and during the fourth quarter, completed a 52-yard touchdown with a pass connection between ASU QB Mike Bercovici and WR Gary Chambers. The touchdown brought the Sun Devils back into the lead. In a move that ASU head coach, Todd Graham, would later call a mistake, Arizona State kicked a field goal, rather than going for the 2-point conversion. This allowed WVU the opportunity to close the game with a 1-point victory.

Shelton Gibson closed the game as the top receiver with 143-yards under his belt. Closely following Gibson were Ka’Raun White with 116-yards and Daikiel Shorts with 97-yards. Wendell Smallwood, who has been toping charts all season, once again led the Mountaineer rushers by carrying the ball 13 times for a total of 72 yards. Smallwood will close the season with 1,519 rushing yards, topping all WVU backs since Steve Slaton in 2006 with 1,744-yards.

Game Hero

Though at times fans questioned whether Howard was qualified for the job, he managed to close the season with a winning season, a win at the Cactus Bowl, and with the 5th most passing yards of any West Virginia quarterback in the history of the program.

Howard completed 221 of 403 passes for 3,145=passing yards and a total of 24 touchdowns. Though the 14 interceptions on the season is lack-luster, Howard effectively led his team through a rough October schedule, into recovery as they went on a 4-game winning streak in November, and ultimately to defeat the Sun Devils in the Cactus Bowl.

Game Highlights

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wvu football

WVU Football Loses Close battle with Kansas State

West Virginia falls 23-24 on the road against Kansas State

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 3 10 7 3 23
KSU 0 3 14 7 24

It seemed to be the year that WVU football would defeat Kansas State for the first time since joining the Big 12. The Mountaineers came out strong to begin the game, dominating the first half. Though the Kansas State defense was able to hold West Virginia to only one touchdown in the first half, the Skyler Howard-to-Jovon Durante 24-yard pass kept the Mountaineers competing on the scoreboard for the remainder of the game.

It looked as though WVU football would get a little bit more help in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Kansas State starting QB Joe Hubener ran for four-yards before going down with an injury, forcing Hubener to leave the game after completing only 6 of his 19-passes. With that, K-State was forced to put wide receiver Cody Cook in as their QB. What may have been game-ending for the Wildcats turned out to be a contributing factor to the eventual Mountaineer defeat. On his first play, Cook connected a pass with Kyle Klein, putting Kansas State at the West Virginia 12-yard line. three, short plays later, Cook ran the ball in for Kansas State’s first touchdown of the game.

Though the Mountaineers had out-gained the Wildcats 447-304, achieved 7 more first downs, and went into halftime leading by 10-points, the Kansas City special teams was able to wrap it up and defeat WVU football by a single point. Some of the struggle came with West Virginia’s passing game, with Howard only completing 19 of 42 attempts. The past four winds from WVU came from their strong running game. Jordan Thompson achieved the most catches (5) for 127-yards for West Virginia and Daikiel Shorts Jr. combined with Howard for seven catches and 68-yards. But it wasn’t enough to get the Mountaineers on a 5-game winning streak.

The good news? WVU football is still going to a bowl game! Your West Virginia Mountaineers will be meeting with Arizona State in the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl on January 2, 2016. Make sure your family is ready to cheer on your favorite team with gear from Mountaineer World under your Christmas tree this year!

Game Heroes

Though the Mountaineers tried to make the most of their passing game on Saturday, Wendell Smallwood earns our game-day hero title once again. Smallwood has been the Mountaineers’ top running back all season and continued to show his leadership, technique, and skill on Saturday against the Wildcats.

Falling just behind Texas Tech’s DeAndre Washington for the Big 12 rushing title, Smallwood ended his regular season with 1,447 yard – 8 points short of Washington. 141 yards of that total was earned in 25 carries against the Wildcats of Kansas State. In addition to his yardage, Smallwood was able to contribute a touchdown to his team after a 14-yard run into the end one in the third quarter. He was named Big-12 Offensive Co-Player of the Week.

Game Highlights

wvu football

WVU Football Remains Bowl Eligible

WVU Football Concludes Home Game Schedule with Win Over Cyclones

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 7 6 10 7 30
ISU 0 6 0 0 6

Game Overview

WVU Football ended this season’s home game schedule with a four game winning streak after defeating Iowa State at Milan Puskar Stadium on Saturday, November 28th. The win came after some odd, lack luster fake punt attempts from ISU Head Coach Paul Rhoads who had nothing to lose as he was given notice that he would not be the Cyclones Head Coach next season following their loss to Kansas State. Despite Iowa State’s fake punt attempts – two of which were successful against West Virginia’s punt return team – WVU struggle to keep their head above water until halfway through the 3rd quarter. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen commented after the game, “Glad that’s over,” as he spoke about his team’s performance on Saturday.

After stopping the Cyclones’ first possession of the second half, the Mountaineers began to pull further ahead. Josh Lambert sent both a 34-yard field goal on the board, setting the score at 16-6. Starting quarterback Skyler Howard followed suit, running 32-yards for a touchdown after Rushel Shell and Wendell Smallwood combined with Howard for an 83-yard scoring drive to put the Mountaineers within scoring distance.

The third fake punt attempt met with misfortune for the Cyclones as they went against the WVU defense. WVU got the ball at the ISU 15-yard line a Shell was able to carry it into the end zone for a touchdown.

The West Virginia defense carried their stellar performance from the shutout victory over Kansas with 3 turnovers and 5 sacks.

WVU remains bowl eligible after Saturday’s win. Both Fox Sports and CBS Sports predicts West Virginia to play in the Cactus Bowl on Jan. 2 against California in a Big 12, PAC 12 match-up. ESPN projections for West Virginia put them in either the AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl against LSU or the Cactus Bowl with California. The experts at SB Nation also have West Virginia appearing in the Cactus Bowl, but facing USC in Tempe, Arizona.

Do you think WVU will be heading to a bowl game this year? If so, let us know in the comments where you think our Mountaineers will be heading.

Game Heroes

Saturday’s best performance was given by the entire West Virginia defense. Coming off of a shut out victory over the Jayhawks on Saturday, November 21st, the WVU defense continued their strong performance against ISU on Saturday.

The defense finished the game on Sataurday with 5 sacks, a 3 turnovers against the Cyclones. WVU was able to hold Iowa State at 284 yards, while the offense put up 415 yards against the Cyclones. The opposition averaged a mere 3.5 yards on 80 plays.

Game Highlights

wvu football

WVU Football Earns Shut Out Victory Over Jayhawks

WVU Football is Bowl Game Eligible After Win Over Kansas City

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 28 14 7 0 49
KU 0 0 0 0 0

Game Recap

WVU Football earned its first shutout victory since 2012, the year they joined the Big 12 conference. The Kansas City Jayhawks have been through a trying season, featuring a roster made-up of mostly true freshman and redshirt freshman, and you could tell the inexperience when the Mountaineers took the field. Of West Virginia’s first six possessions, the team capitalized on four of them.

A gusty wind blanketed Kivisto Field Memorial Stadium on Saturday, but that didn’t keep the Mountaineers down as Terrell Chestnut forced the Jayhawks Tre’ Parmalee to fumble, which kicked off the Mountaineers’ scoring with a Rushel Shell touchdown several plays later. Chestnut came up big for WVU on the next play when he caught an interception from Kansas City QB Ryan Willis and brought it back for the second touchdown of the game.

West Virginia continued their first quarter scoring run with two more touchdowns that came by way of their running backs. Though the West Virginia running game has been getting stronger throughout the season, it climaxed against Kansas City on Saturday. Skyler Howard was also able to get in on the running game in the beginning of the second quarter as he weaved his way through the Jayhawk defense for a 42-yard gain. At the 3-yard line, Howard threw a short pass to Cody Clay in the back of the end zone to put the Mountaineers up 35-0.

On the next possession, Howard chose to take it in himself from the nine with about 5 minutes to go in the first half. The question after the first half wasn’t if West Virginia would take the game, but if for the first time since 1969, would the Mountaineers have three 100-yard rushers in the same game.

At the end of the third quarter, it happened. After Howard collected his 100-yards by the end of the second quarter, Wendell Smallwood had collected his 100 by the beginning of the third, leaving Rushel Shell. With two minutes left on the board during the third quarter, Shell ran the ball for 19 yards to earn 102 rushing yards and complete the trifecta.

By the conclusion of the game, the Kansas City Jayhawks were leaving with a loss, and the Mountaineers were able to say that they are bowl eligible yet again under Head Coach Dana Holgerson. Exactly what bowl game will remain undetermined until WVU finishes regular season play, but we know Mountaineer Nation will be excitedly awaiting the announcement.

 Game Heroes

With a first in 46 years, the heroes of the game would have to go to the three 100-yard rushers against Kansas City. Howard, Smallwood, and Shell combined for a fierce trio that couldn’t be stopped against the inexperienced Jayhawks.

Howard not only ran an amazing rushing game, but completed 13 of 22 passes including a touchdown despite the vicious wind during play. Smallwood and Shell came through early in the game, guaranteeing a Mountaineer victory before the end of the first quarter.

Unsung Heroes

We can’t forget the explosive start to the WVU shutout victory. Chestnut kicked the game off in high fashion, making plays to ensure WVU would earn a win. When a player comes out the way Chestnut did to start the game, they set the tone for the entire team for the remainder of the game.

Since struggling with an upsetting October schedule, WVU needs players who can pick the team up and set them back on the right path again, and Chestnut’s timing couldn’t have been better. With the win, WVU will continue play into Bowl season this year.

WVU football continues play on Saturday November 28th at 12PM against Iowa State at home. Be sure to make it into Mountaineer World before the game to get geared-up for another Mountaineer win!

Game Highlights

wvu football

WVU Football Gets the Win Against Texas Tech

WVU Football Unites to Defeat Texas Tech 31 – 26

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 7 10 7 7 31
TTU 7 7 3 9 26

Game Recap

In the first time this season, and perhaps the first time in a long time – WVU football came together, united on all fronts, to guarantee themselves a win against Texas Tech. Against a team who was able to put up 52-points against TCU and 53-points on Oklahoma State, the Mountaineers were able to shut their scoring down. The defense worked hard to prevent the score from turning to the Red Raiders favor, but this time they weren’t alone in doing so.

The offensive running game from West Virginia was outstanding Saturday against Texas Tech. Wendell Smallwood ran for a season-high 163-yards, earning a touchdown from 16-yards out for the Mountaineers. Rushel Shell also came up big for the Mountaineer, with 111-yards and two touchdowns from a short distance. Of the 449-yards WVU was able to gather, 300 of them came from runs. All-in-all, the Mountaineers were able to play a complete, united game of football on Saturday. Against a team that may become eligible for a bowl game after their game against Kansas State, this win could set the tone for the remainder of the season for WVU.

While the offense ran the ball against a defense who has only allowed about 270-yards against the per game, the defense was also hard at work stopping the Texas Tech offensive. The Red Raiders were only able to walk away from Saturday’s game with 378-yards, falling well-short of their season average of 603-yards.

Skyler Howard completed 12-of-23 passes – however five of his passes completed to Ka’Ruan White for 80 yards.

Game Heroes

It’s hard to name just one hero in the win over Texas Tech. However, there are a few names who come to mind when you think about Saturday’s game.

Smallwood’s running game accounted for much of the Mountaineer victory. During the second half – and a close score – Smallwood took the ball from the Texas Tech 47 to the 129-yard line in 3 consecutive runs after a personal fowl by the Red Raiders. Howard attempted a pass to Jovon Durante that fell incomplete, before returning to Smallwood on the next play. Smallwood ran the football to the 19-yard line, earning perhaps the most important third down of the game.

Smallwood was given the ball again and again achieved significant yards, landing the Mountaineers at the 6-yard line. Howard attempted a short run into the end zone, which didn’t result in a TD, but did force a personal foul when his helmet was removed by Micah Awe during play. Howard was able to run the clock out, taking a knee 3 times and ending the game with a score of 31-26.

Preparing for Texas

After a rough October schedule, no one was expecting the Mountaineers to pull together and finish the rest of the season on a positive note. However, West Virginia was able to unite and defeat a team that may be bowl-eligible after next Saturday’s game.

The Mountaineers could have come into the game against Texas Tech with their heads down and no one would blame them after their performance through October. Fortunately for Mountaineer fans, the WVU Football team has finally, after 4 consecutive losses, played a full game of football. All four quarters, down the the very last minutes of the game the offense, defense, and special teams began and completed every play as if the next point determined the win. It’s that drive and a winning attitude that will carry the team to victory over Texas on November 14th at noon.

What do you think our mountaineers have to do to guarantee a win on the road against the Longhorns?

Game Highlights

wvu football

October Schedule Proves Too Much to Handle for WVU Football

WVU falls 38-62 to No. 2 Baylor on the road

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 WVU 0 10 0 0 10
OSU 17 6 14 3 40

Game Recap

WVU football concludes their overwhelmingly brutal October schedule with a 10-40 loss to 5th ranked TCU on Thursday October 29th. TCU’s quarterback Trevone Boykin performed so well, in fact, he got a high-five after going out of bounds from West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgerson in a show of both respect and confusion at what he just witnessed. Holgorsen was quoted saying, “He made one of the best plays I’d seen in awhile. He was right there, so I  didn’t know what the hell else to do.”

Unfortunately, this loss by West Virginia was a messy one that the team, coaching staff, and fans can’t blame solely on the difficulty of the schedule. Similar to the three games previous to Thursday night’s loss, the Mountaineers didn’t show up for the first half of the game. Mistakes made on both the offensive and defensive line lead to a lopsided score that should not have been as devastating as it was in the end.

TCU opened the game when Boykin threw a 17-yard pass to Josh Doctson for a touchdown. The next play ended in a touchdown when Boykin ran the ball in from the two, flipping over Nana Kyeremeh for the touchdown. Nine more points went on the board for TCU in the first half. The Mountaineer’s only touchdown of the game came early in the second quarter as Skyler Howard connected a 32-yard pass with Shelton Gibson on the receiving end. A field goal by Josh Lambert with about 5 minutes left in the second quarter were the last points WVU would see on the board that game.

Mistakes by the West Virginia defense kept the ball deep in their own territory with seconds remaining in the first half. Kyeremeh was called for holding, which forced a punt by Nick O-Toole in the end zone. WVU defense was called for a substitution infraction, giving up their 44 yard line to TCU. Boykin was able to connect with Doctson for 17-yards and on the next play Jaden Oberkrom was in for a touchdown. After the half, it was a steeper drop down the hill for WVU.

Coming out for the second half, WVU offense struggled to connect passes on both the passing and receiving ends of the ball.  Howard completed only 16 of his 39 passes for 160-yards and 1 touchdown. David Sills was the Mountaineer leading pass-catcher with only 3 catches for 42 yards. Shelton Gibson, Jovon Durante, and Sills all dropped passes from Howard that could have resulted in WVU touchdowns to make the score gap a little less brutal. TCU continued scoring as they did in the first half, with more impressive plays by Boykin and Doctson.

Finding the Silver Lining

It’s hard to find the positives in a game that could have been closer – a game that the Mountaineers entered and left with their heads down. However, the one positive we can all agree on is the November schedule is guaranteed to be a lighter load than what October gave us.

The Mountaineers have the talent to come back from the blow October gave them, but the question is, will they be able to mentally recover from the four consecutive losses?

Preparing for Texas Tech

The Mountaineers face their first November opponent, Texas Tech, at home on Saturday. While Texas Tech does not match the caliber of play WVU football has faced this month, the matchup will still, surely, be tough. The Mountaineers need a clean slate. They need to revert back to the feeling of victory after their first 3 wins on the season and enter Saturday’s game ready to win and maintain that mentality throughout the entire game.

WVUs biggest downfall this season has been their inability to play a full game. Breakdowns in the opening half or the closing half have bee a consistent problem this year and in order to turn the season around it will be their biggest obstacle.

Get your tickets now for Saturday, November 7th when the Mountaineers take on Texas Tech at home with the kickoff set for noon. BE sure to make it into Mountaineer World to get all fo the latest and greatest WVU football gear and accessories to cheer your Mountaineers back into a winning season!

Game Highlights